Friday, January 05, 2007

united cyprus platform took place in Istanbul...#76818

Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : united cyprus platform took place in Istanbul...#76818

1)...a new political party that runs a campaign for election on both sides of the green line could help if the issues it supports clearly are the concern of the electorate as people, rather than members of a cultural community.
2)...perhaps independant of government, an assembly of people for the reformation of the Constitution, of the Republic of Cyprus.
...having seperate assemblies for the reform of the Turkish Cypriot Constitution and the creation of a Greek Cypriot Constitution for the realisation of a Bi-Communal strategy toward our governance.
That is to say...
We shallseek a State to unify us, where we represent ourselves as a People, [the Republic of Cyprus, (which has English as its first language and three official languages)] inclusive and hegemonous, a member of the EU, and the Family of Man, equal as two, (or three, if you include the Maronites) founding peoples, unlike today, the electorate having two (or three) national identities representing them, each citizen equal as individuals, and equal in their vote.
As well as two (or three) National identities, having territory over which these people have sovereignty, with their form of government for the sustenance of each, respectful to the minorities amongst them, with their recognition, and the acceptance that, to serve includes peoples of other languages, with special needs, who are always fewer, so that all dwellers are equal in either homogenous mass.
Three Governments; Bi-Communal...
Being Bi-Zonal, having many parts; in support of enclaves, cantons, like spots which cover the whole island, so that settlers can have homes(what they were promised), and many displaced may return to their homes, as communities (without destroying the fabric of the community which surrounds them).

... two ideas which I hope you will want to discuss.

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