Thursday, April 12, 2007

the way forward/battling a mountain of prejudice.

Can you imagine a population of 12 million?

That is the future. Two hundred years from now where will we be; this is the thinking that we need.

Realisticly, we must look around us and see, firstly, what is normal, and then accept our sins, come out of this isolation, seek to become something better, which prepares us to be more inclusive, a dynamic part of a system which expands globally.

Whether Cyprus can be identifed as "Greek", and/or "Turkish", is not an issue which the world dwells on, rather it is an internal matter which we must resolve. Turkey, and its influence on our affairs is to be recognised. However, being a State, as great as it is, it cannot refuse to recognise the Republic of Cyprus if somehow its people choose to create a Constitution for their self representation, having with it the terms for the Turkish Army's disengagement, with an end to the occupation, hopefully an alliance which secures graeter stability for the region (and the world), as well as greater security for the Turkish State.

Cyprus is an island. It can be divided in many ways, but on it live Cypriots. To deny that is to ignore what Humanity is learning: we are all the same, no better than the trees or the ground we walk on.
Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free.

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