Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kosovo Canada and the Nation State

Cyprus has committed itself to a bi-communal bi-zonal federation. It implies that one or three governments will exist for the peoples' governance, (as bi-zonal implies each zone a sum of parts). The existence of a State, and two National Assemblies seems to be an inviting alternative to the idea that people must be divided along their ethnic lines, exclusively. Kosovars and the Serbs, even the Israelis and the Palestinians, can take a page from this consideration. Their citizens need Free Association, Expression and Movement, which can only be guaranteed when weighed by countervailing forces.

As global partners Mankind is moving to a forefront where equality among all people precludes the fight against real enemies, such as ignorance, famine, and disease. Needless to say that the idea of Nationalism has changed a great deal, from its roots as a political tool of Napoleon III. And it must evolve to be a force which continues as an adversarial regime, which unites people toward common cause, without any bias. Each "Nation", in all these cases (Canadians as well) represent their respect and recognition of other "Nations", unified in a State to sustain the principals all Humans cherish, having as a function, as one People, their betterment.

It seems that this idea is lost to these players, having at their roots a cause which continues its machination, the Cold War which seems dead, and the fight against Fascism which seems won. Futuristicly, these countries have the greatest opportunity to change the world, and the world, as far as people are concerned, will be changed regardless.

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