Saturday, January 05, 2008

isolation, Cypriots; from each other.

erolz wrote:

"Getting a Republic of Cyprus passport as a Turkish Cypriot if you do not already have one anyway is a practical thing for Turkish Cypriot that wish to travel and certainly since EU entry getting such from the Republic of Cyprus has increased by large amounts. Choosing to live in the Republic of Cyprus and not the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a Turkish Cypriot is much more political a choice and the benefits of doing so as a Turkish Cypriot have not changed much since before Republic of Cyprus EU entry or after it. I do not think there have been Turkish Cypriot pouring into the Republic of Cyprus to live from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus since EU accession myself" is the crux.

By allowing Greek Cypriots a form of representation of self governance as a majority, the State, the Republic of Cyprus, frees itself from the bias of demographics that are overwhelming. Each National Assembly, one Turcophone and one Grecophone, will serve it's citizens as equals, each will have the responsibility to be credible as inclusive societies, respecting and recognisung the special needs of minorities amongst them. The State, as our sovereign representative, in this manner becomes stronger, better able to defend us in our external affairs, and our Individual Rights.

Land is the issue right now.
Forwhich I suggest the addition of enclaves, this time without shame, into our geography: Bizonal.

Politically, the solution has been staring at us in the face since 1960. Now that ENOSIS is won, with the introduction of the Euro a few days ago, we can say EOKA is no more. I hope the TMT will be no more as well, never forgotten, but a part of the past. Denktash and Makarios can be heros, because in the end they chose Cyprus first, and I believe they wanted the best for us. But it is up to us to look at the foundation, its original principals are strong. Thus, our modernisation, and the reform of the Constitution, from it's advent is the basis of any sustainable solution. My proposal is simple and easy to understand. One State, Two National Assemblies: Bicommunal.

Cyprus: three goverments, one Capital and Free.

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