Saturday, May 03, 2008

One Response to “Northern Cyprus and Northern Kosovo

One Response to “Northern Cyprus and Northern Kosovo”
repulsewarrior Says: May 3rd, 2008 at 4:08 pm

…the people of Cyprus can identify themselves as Cypriots, I hope, because it is an island afterall. Like ‘Kosovo’, the history of the place is far more complex than the Interlocutors would have us imagine. I can only hope that the “easy” solution of tearing this island in two is not the agreement they come to, and as in Kosovo, my hope is that the people who share the land and its Patrimony respect the efforts of those who left this Heritance, in an effort toward betterment, embraced the change within themselves to be as Individuals united in an inclusive State, while as Persons sustaining themselves.

Bi-communal in the greater Serbian context requires the efforts of Bosnia (Herzegovina), along with Serbia, as well as Kosovo, historically, if we are to compare apples with apples. As in Cyprus, or in the Middle East (Jerusalem), the land and its identity has evolved to have many facets. Two levels of Government will successfully realise the goal of People as Nations in these context. Unlike the Nationalism which is at present demonstrating our intolerance, the Nationalism of Ataturk and the founder Napoleon III, will provide for us an identity where our distinctions add to our sense of unity, because we choose to stand together, for our attachment toward our own governance as equals and to the land’s relics.

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