Thursday, May 22, 2008


...from a position of strength, one defines their demands, in an adversarial politic.

miltiades is suggesting that it is possible to break this viscious cycle, with a debate which seeks in its resolution, our realisation that in Principal we are not enemies, we are this island's dwellers, and in acts, a demonstration of our desire to unite in war against our own Ignorance, to better ourselves, against the enemies, Hunger, Disease, and Disaster.

GR is more brash, and practical, who in this debate represents the status quo.

that said, my comment again would be that there exists an equlibrium, which having a dynamic, moves. neither can sustain themselves alone, it seems a Law of Nature, (but the politics can change itself), and they find their function within a wider system. yet:

you choose,

by acts alone does this machination work.


Cyprus: three governments; one Capital, Free.

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