Tuesday, June 03, 2008


If there is a United Republic of Cyprus, which identifies it citizens as equals, Sovereign, in its defence of their Individual Rights and the land, Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots through two National Assemblies can find the expression of their indentity as Persons to effect their behaviour as Societies. United all the dwellers stand for
Human Betterment, and apart, they will demonstrate this resolve, as their own distinct majority, in effecting these changes with their own abilities, in providing for the special needs of all minorities amongst them.

...a "northern" economy can exist, just as a "southern", however, with a better redistribution of the land, by adding enclaves to the geography, we will add to the diversity of each economy as constituent bodies. rather than tearing the island in two, we allow ourselves a chance to have no "border", although many frontiers, greater Freedom of Association, more Movement and Expression, restitution for Turkish Cypriots and for Greek Cypriots reciprocally with the return of all displaced a right, while for some return as communities, and homes for Settlers not houses, to those who will be displaced, and who have this claim by being Cypriot.

scary, huh?

Cyprus is an island. We are merely its dwellers, its Steward, whether we identify our selves as something else as well, we are Cypriots. There is dignity in that, by our Grace. This island's trees, rocks and relics, are far more important, than the pleasure we can get from it in a lifetime. It may be that our influence remains, one way or the other there is a price to pay in any act we choose, but our intention is far more important.


Cyprus: three governments; one Capital, Free.

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