Friday, June 13, 2008

The British Bases.

Muzzy, thanks for this debate, it is interesting.

...i think that the British Bases are an anomally which can serve a higher purpose if the intelligence they gather there is for our security in an event where the region faces threats. If they are to remain, they must reflect a policy which allows for our cooperation with Turkey, England, and NATO, partners with Cyprus to effect this work.

Turkey's "guarantee" is spurious, its credibility is suspect, because it can be seen to be self-serving. Your fear of "Greek-Cypriots", may have validity, but for the same reasons, "Greek Cypriots" fear the overwhelming size of Turkey. Turkey may have a presence on the island that is welcome, even militarily, but it requires of Turkey a recognition of a Sovereign State, which as equals apply themselves to a common goal.

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