Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chistofias Demetris, a letter sent today

In our modern State, the intent of having enclaves is not segregation. Rather it is the integration of the seperate systems which presently exist. Nowhere in the Republic will there exist an exclusivity which limits residency. However, the Jurisdiction of the National Assemblies will have an implicit obligation as a majority (as well as explicit obligations as a Government) to represent their inclusiveness as a society; providing their services in a primary language first, but with the ability to sustain an equal service, for the special needs of the minorities that are amongst them.

Enclaves will mean more diversity in each culture, and as a whole, Cypriots can see themselves as a socialistic people. In the most cynical applications, enclaves will become development projects by these governmental authorities for a monetary gain much like profit. However, as communities they will still grow and distinguish themselves with their own unique identities.

Magnus and O (who knows my views already) my first choice is quite like your own, but in a practical sense our choices exclude this option. We are the Vanguard for a kind of social engineering, and it is with this objective that we must define bicommunal and bizonal, so that other (like Palestinians and Isrealis) adversaries may have a model from which they can emulate.

Enclaves does not mean a closed society with its barriers. It has more to do with quality of life, like a township, adding to the variety we have to our pusuit of happiness in our lives.

kurupetos, why would you choose partition? is there another choice that is better?


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