Thursday, October 02, 2008



... whatever the form, I can only see this Qualification (TC or GC) as a way for the authorities (as a single government bicommunal State) to serve this newborn better in the future.

The child is born Cypriot. Many have attested to this in this thread, through their own identity cards.

...having any other choice is what surprises me., (same, same, other)
and if, for whatever reason, two Greek Cypriots decide to claim their child is Turkish Cypriot in another incident, has society a reason to restrict this choice, should it consider promoting these values for its own diversity, or should it act to defend these individuals and their Freewill (simply put) against malice.

zan, it seems you want a perfect system by pointing fingers,...
very few systems are perfect.

...when a man has a panel that needs fixing, and he has many panels,
do you tell him to tear it all out,
without thinking of modernising? (and the cost)
your soul is bruised forever, mine too
there is the panel.

i do wish you would reconsider your view on land usage
at issue is redress to all the displaced, not money
acts. humility and Grace
what is better than communities reborn?
and what is wrong with enclaves?

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