Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TC teachers offer Greek lessons


...in a society such as that in Cyprus, one would hope that their government can sustain a multi-cultural ability; english, greek, french, turkish, why not maronite, (and armenian)। with the Information Age, we will have to learn to compete by producing the Bits and Bytes its process demands। thus, Having many (or several) Official Languages allows a Society to increase this quantity by refining their functionality so that their usage, one with the other is transparent, if Cypriots think futuristicly, they must prepare themselves to be functional in as many languages as possible: this is Bicommunal ;a commitment which was made on the Principal that all men are equal, and that our equality is measured by the diversity of our traits। ...with language there is land, and in the end: there will be National Assemblies, and enclaves spotting the entire island; ...think what we can do sustaining ourselves as Persons if instead of tearing the island into two adversarial forces, there exists a diversity of populations within each of the elected bodies to compete for its attentions। as a People, as Cypriots, as this island's dwellers; its Steward. represented by a State; one hopes that it leads in defending our Rights as Individuals, and that we emulate as people, as a People, as equals in a fight, for these Rights and their betterment. ...since we spoke of the Armed Forces, one would hope that there will be "Turks" as well as "Sri Lankens" in its roster, with an ability to react quickly as a global partner, and to contribute the acute actions that would be necessary to mitigate the suffering caused by natural disaster and human turmoil. poh pooh on that guy who calls himselfMuslimand doesn't wantto fight other Muslims in my Cyprus. The enemy is: Ignorance, lawless plunder, natural disaster, ...and any interlocutor who seeks our subjugation; not "greeks" not "turks", but any body of people who dismiss the Sovereignty of Cypriots on Cyprus. ...you guys don't seem to grasp the demographics of this island even in the medium term (90 years); forget the short term (fifty years), as the builders of a new Constitution. ...if this is the "Birth" that Mr. Talat was talking about he was not wrong... op, english is not fine. english is the biggest threat, to the diversity of Humanity's Peoples. Greek, which is so functional as a language hopefully is experiencing a revival because with its population dwindling, relative to the total population of the earth, it will become all the more difficult to sustain. let's not forget that 90% of the world's population speaks English, but let's remember that 90% of this population has a mother tongue which is not english.

...please read, reread my manifesto, enclaves is not a dirty word, the population of Cyprus is 12 million।


The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)

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