Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Todays visit to Famagusta-very depressing.....

...my family stayed because they believed in their neighbours, many, my uncles and cousins disappeared, but that does not diminish my love for those who love as well, only the murderers that they have to live with, now, who chose this opportunity to plunder.

...and, i know that we are still friends (even with the gates closed we found ways to communicate), close to our village, our customs, and our land.

we were not "greeks"or "turks", we were farmers, we sustained ourselves, respectful and giving people, a "mixed" village according to the subjugators who came and went.

indeed, politics was a world away, even with modern devices, we did not stray, and to this day we do not forget; it is unfortunate that turkey is no stranger to denial, even the treaty of lausanne, i believe. cash has no value without Justice, i root for the displaced who like myself choose to deny the privelage of either side to dismiss the acts which left us victims. things can't go back to the way they were, facts on the ground, things cannot stay the same, but for some at least, like the citizens of Famagusta, we ask to return as communities. you don't like greeks bir, if they are like the turks i don't like then we don't like the same people, i'd bet.

...you don't even have to be cypriot to feel that way. and most importantly the Constitution for our State, should respect these Human Values, this basically is what cannot be refused. Within a Unitary State, two National Assemblies which have as components a number of constituencies: that's BBF.


...oh and, please read my manifesto.


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