Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tell Turkey: End the Occupation of Cyprus Now

. . ...if you give up Turkey as your sole benefactor you gain the support of the rest of the world. Freedom for Cyprus is Mankind's gift, to the People with a Cypriot Identity, it is not the "Greeks" who are offering you this Liberty to be Turkic, but Greeks who as this island's dwellers represent the vast majority of this body Politic. it would be nice in the least as a Cypriot, if you recognised that the island is not Turkish nor Greek, although as Persons we strive to sustain these identities. ...what better Guarantee is there but to define Bizonal Bicommunal Federation in a manner where as Individuals, this body of People represent themselves United in defending Universal Principals (as Humans), and that being Bicommunal they represent themselves as electors in National Assemblies (within Jurisdictional Territories being Bizonal) so that as a Majority they can sustain within their daily lives this distinct identity, even closer to their taxdollars. you cannot prevent Greeks, just because they are Greeks from choosing to reside in Cyprus as Turcophones (a "Turk" would think that, (rather than a Turk)), nor can we prevent the mobility that the Modern Age has offered. Cyprus is not Property, beyond the feelings Turkey displays about the Treaty of Lausanne, or its Continental Shelf, it is about defining this distinction: that a People, Cypriots have as their Heritance a land far more rooted than what has been a proxy war between subjugators. ...question of ethnic origin, no; question of attitude. ...dude, you behave

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