Friday, May 04, 2012

Cyprus :: Energy issues are a reason for war -Yildiz - Page 3

Cyprus :: Energy issues are a reason for war -Yildiz - Page 3


re file, i think i understand what Bananiot is saying, have a heart, be a Cypriot, share by showing that you are great as Greeks, and as Turks, (and i hope as Maronites, and Armenians, (and Romes), etc.), because you are Human Beings first, demonstrating that value above all, unlike "Greeks" and "Turks", by choice an example far more refined and adapted to the future Ages; beyond what was before the Modern Age.

Bicommunal is not a dirty word, although i must say much has been done for it to be sullied, it remains to be defined more precisely by us, to the benefit of Mankind to whom we owe the end of our subjugation of thousands of years, as this island's dwellers not Property, a People.

Bizonal similarly does not mean tearing the island in two, however Territorial Jurisdictions may define land usage, it is clear to all Citizens that the land is an indivisible whole.

a Federation may be a Unitary State, and i believe that this is in Cyprus essential toward defending Individual Rights. without it there is always the threat that in the future the same Imperialistic tools will be there to be exploited by those who gain from our willingness to sustain Identities as Persons.

...all this is way off topic, on the other hand, a solution to the Problem, one that Turkey cannot unreasonably refuse is what's needed to delay the War threats looming.

Mr B., please, read (and comment) on my manifesto thingy, or the letter to Ban Ki-Moon, feeling dreamy and all, i could use the help.

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