Thursday, January 17, 2013

Re: What is needed for recognition?


...boulio, wouldn't it be nice if the Cypriot Constituencies (Turkish and Greek) could dicker out their respective Territorial Jurisdictions if above their authority there is a Republic of Cyprus which represents all its Citizens as Sovereign, and as Individuals, like in any other State, as equals and without any distinction or discrimination? it is possible, and moreso better serves the needs and desires of this island's dwellers. Bicommunal is not a dirty word, and it does not mean tearing the island in two. you may want Cyprus divided (somehow), but do you want our Basic Rights, Your Individual Rights, reduced to a question of ethnicity, because as a Person you are "Greek" or "Turk"? i like to remember that above all we are members of a single "race" called Humanity, and i suspect that you do too.

Bicommunal requires three governing bodies, at least. and if there is a Republic, as well as a Turkish Constituency, there should exist a Greek Constituency. what you prove is that this willingness to discuss Jurisdictions exists. it is not so difficult, as we can see, without or outside the question of Statehood, if our Freedom is secured because we are united as Human Beings, to better that which we defend as Individuals, Universal Principals, and the Liberty we seek as Persons should not be confused as being one in the same.

vp wants the discussion to unfold as though only "Greeks" and "Turks" exist, as though Cyprus and Cypriots do not exist, if this is what you want, so be it, everyone is entitled to their opinion, if not you are seeking Liberty without Freedom.

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