Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cyprus :: new peace plan being reported on simerini - Page 2

Cyprus :: new peace plan being reported on simerini - Page 2


...there has to be one State. Cyprus, its Heritance is too valuable to be dismissed. Cyprus has never been divided, it is an island after-all.

let us not forget that we will be dead soon enough and that what is natural is change. so let us imagine in two hundred years, or one hundred years or fifty, to be realistic. if you imagine a population of twelve million, i'll agree; do the math. do you imagine a population by demographics quite different, scary huh? embrace the future, you may resist, but you will fail thinking that time stops; and that things are perfect the way they are.

...Cyprus needs a perfect government if you will. it must serve its Citizens, without any discrimination or distinction, all are equals. it must be able to express and demonstrate the will of this People toward Universal Principals having the aim to better them. and yet this expression of an Identity is not enough because we are Individuals, but not only, as Persons we seek Self-Representation as well. Bicommunal is not new, and such a course in Cyprus serves a very complex ethnography, it is up to the Greeks, indeed, they are an overwhelming majority, to decide what course Cyprus shall take, and representing themselves internally through a Constituency, does not prevent them, as Cypriots, their voice within a greater whole.

the debate is flawed, it serves the interests of the Nationalists amongst us who would foresake anything else, other than their own Community interests. this vision is better served within their respective Communities, if in the infrastructure they provide, it accomodates accordingly the minorities living amongst them. The State, on the other hand, should neither be Greek or Turkish, it is Cypriot.

you want peace...

...where is the Greek Constituency?

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