Friday, February 22, 2013

Cyprus :: From 300 t0 3900 ............ - Page 3

Cyprus :: From 300 t0 3900 ............ - Page 3


Cypriotism, is not dead as you say, that is your opinion speaking as a "Turk". i suggest, what is dead is Turkey's push to identify the Problem as one between Turks and Greeks (Turkey and Greece). with the creation of the EU, and the membership of Cyprus within it, forces are naturally evolving for these acts to be demonstrated with the creation of one Cyprus, finally Free and Sovereign, rather than a piece of real-estate torn in two.

...vp, i am fighting for survival, i never chose any of them, i always understood that these forms of expression have within them an Ignorance i must hate, (does that make me less "Greek", or more "Turkish"?), and i am old enough to remember Cyprus before Turkey chose to plunder what belongs to civil people. this is wrong, if you are Turkish, rather than within a deeper state of "Turkishness", because it is not Human. you fear "Greeks", (so do i) and you choose to be as a "Turk" against them. yet, you, in effect, choose to deny the world is changing around you hatefully, not even selectively, resisting changes to the dogma you follow, blindly. i choose Love to better myself.

it is not so simple, Cyprus, and Cypriots, exist.

...what is becoming clear to me is that the effort Turkey has placed in her external affairs for fifty years, culminated with the Annan Plan, and it failed. the notion of "Turks" and "Greeks" is over, Cyprus this time has a chance to express Cypriotness, a notion that Cyprus is equal to Turkey, and that in Turkey it could happen that they too would reform, so that Liberty is defined, as Free Countries, Bizonal and Bicommunal, for their Citizens without discrimination or distinction, and for their Identities as Persons as well.

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