Friday, February 22, 2013

Re: The "police" and Torture Regime of "TRNC"


...Lordo, did it cross your mind that Cypriots, the "Greeks" did not fight because they too, did not support the coup. that trust was betrayed by Turkey, with the actions which followed. if anything, imagine the possibility of double Enosis, had the coup been supported, and consider Cypriots completely ignored by these adversaries, given that the idea of tearing the island in two originally, was not Cypriot, but foreign.

...war is the answer, to feed a hatred. it is good, because through it there are powerful forces which can be realised. Lest We Forget. why not choose real enemies Lordo, have you learned? i am Greek, and i suppose if i was German i'd be just as proud, why speak for "Turks", if you are Cypriot, and Turkish, let them speak for themselves. act accordingly.

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