Sunday, May 12, 2013

Re: ...a bridge to Lebanon

Re: ...a bridge to Lebanon


Iliaktida, welcome.

...the worst person i ever met in my life was a Cypriot pimp in London, i was so ashamed of him that i chased him out of Piccadilly Square. i like to think, that in the extremes, i'd find at least as many who are the best people to meet, and by my own experience this too is true.

we are lucky to have such diversity as Individuals, and just as important the diversity we have as Cultures (Lebanon and Cyprus) in our Persons. the bridge will, if it has a benefit in terms of its cost, improve social-exchange no doubt.

...Turkey regardless will want a Tribute, she is always busy meddling in all her neighbours' affairs.

regional cooperation will become paramount in the future because of the sea, and our need to protect it from ruin in our efforts to exploit its resources. indeed, for Cyprus to survive it must become the facilitator of these efforts.

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