Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Re: interesting documentary



...indeed, i remember Solomou, and what worried me was the total lack of discipline. it is entirely possible that what is the TA in Cyprus is a sham, compared at least to troops well trained for fighting. when Lordo goes off with his horror stories, it in essence makes the same point, only the frame of mind interprets the meaning differently. we can all be angry at the "Greeks" and the "Turks" among us, none of them are blameless, but it is an irrational extension of thought to imagine that all Greeks, and all Turks, are these extremist.

...what are the Cypriots, if they continue to remain silent, they are accessories to those who continue in their denial of a Human Race toward "winning" as Persons. ("this must stop"). there is a big difference between our Identities, as Individuals that is the Freedom we accept as Universal Principals, and Liberty. in Cyprus we have agreed to demonstrate to the rest of the world, a manner of living where there is a State, one country, with a Government which defends the Rights of all its Citizens without any distinction or discrimination as equals, and where equally, Cypriot Constituencies can, through their electorate, effect their own distinct Identities; three governing bodies (at least); (two levels of Government) this is Bi-communal. 

...thus, i ask, where is the Greek Constituency? i ask, and what about the Maronites, Latins, and Armenians, do they not have an equal need to sustain themselves?

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