Friday, July 19, 2013

Latest update on oil disaster in North Cyprus

. is a shame that Turkey cannot show good neighbourly relations, or that the regime in the north cannot do more than follow orders. This opportunity to demonstrate that Cyprus comes first, was lost. What with oil being such a preoccupation of the Turkish Government, one would think that they would want to demonstrate their Leadership skills in this domain. What with the economy so frail in all these countries, it would have been a good way of moving the International community to take heart, that despite the politics, they can have confidence that some priorities rise above. Cyprus should not be divided, this is a good example why it is unnatural, such harm has evolved to be a disastrous state of affairs. Turkey, (read: Erdogan), cannot blame the Republic of Cyprus for this mess, (in his mind it must absolutely not exist) although I expect shortly a statement from his Cabinet, that they are blameless,

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