Monday, August 26, 2013

Re: Deal Over Occupied Famagusta...???


indeed, like the formation of the IPO, blame was accepted. it is the same, Turkey can correct her own wrongs, it has nothing to do with the negotiations, or the Cyprus Problem, it is the recognition of fact from which an intention can be established, Cyprus a whole, Cypriots respected for what they are, not just "Turks", and "others", a People as proud.

you may demonstrate with all the examples you want, true, half-true, and out and out fabrications or lies, to make your point, vp, that your hatred has a reason to grow (and that this enmity will last forever). but, we are Humans, and as Cypriots, as a majority (80%) which is Greek, the compromise was made, it is not up to you ("you") to ask for more than that (a BBF). it is up to you to act accordingly; i ask, are you Cypriot? would you be glad to live as in any country, an Individual, whether the part of a majority or minority, equal. and as well, being a Person having a means to self-representation that equals other Persons? as a Citizen of the World (because you were not born in Cyprus, although here you want to stay), can you not see that your responsibility is toward the rest of Mankind (before your own distinctive preferences)? you vp, seek recognition of a State, so that there is a Greek State and a Turkish State, essentially to leave things the way they are. 

...what is wrong with one Republic, where if we are no different to Greece and Turkey, it is because Universal Principals are demonstrated by these States. and i suggest to you that we can as Cypriots choose to live in any one of many states as Cypriot Constituencies (bicommunally), this to you, it would seem to me, should be far more important than an airport, outside of the Republic's control impossible to "give".

...and anyway, you are doing just fine, if i am to believe what you say, (you need nothing from the Republic (if i am correct in my understanding of what you say)), it is a fine way to show goodwill, to just give back what you are not using (and that does not belong to "you").

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