Sunday, August 11, 2013

Turkey - Preparing for Chaos


...the history i have read is still not clear to me, but at the advent, didn't Kemal turn to the Armenians in his dark hours, wasn't it this alliance, along with the Kurds, the impetus he needed to overcome his adversaries? it must have been, in the crisis, an idea that there was a prize bigger than a National identity, but Freedom, the Freedom of self-representation as Individuals, the founding of a State, where Universal Principals were the basis of the Liberty they establish. Turkey, and the meaning of the word Turk changed, although the betrayal in the Kemalists' (and Islamists') thinking came from greed, the denial of this fact, resisting this change with a strong sense of belonging, where in the affect it excludes "others". 

Turkey remains dysfunctional. there are many risks it faces as it is, that result in its break-up. it is a BBF, they need.

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