Saturday, March 22, 2014

Re: How can TC's and GC's coexist together?


GreekIslandGirl wrote:We already have one Cypriot state. The Cypriot State!

- You need an option for the removal of the Turkish Occupiers. That's the only change needed.

...and what is it, that you can do, as a Greek, let alone a Cypriot, so that the Turkish Occupiers change their intention, and leave?

It is true what you say, there is a Cypriot state; and, there is a Cypriot State. as Constituencies, there exist many, not just Turks, and non-Turks; as Persons they have equal needs, and in need it is equal to "you". i say, this Liberty, Greeks can give, more because, they are on this island an overwhelming majority, but as Greeks they can demonstrate a Bicommunal nature, that a Greek Flag can stand an equal to a Turkish Flag, and in Cyprus, a Cypriot Flag flies higher. Freedom, where all Individuals are equal, depends on the notion that beyond any Nation, there is a service to all Humanity, that in enmity there is goodness in our hatred, against real enemies united (Hunger, Disease, Disaster, Ignorance), not each other (Lest we Forget); in my mind, this is the Cypriot way. 

...what is needed,(since the 'Remedy' is found in Turkey's dysfunction (let us assume that "Cyprus" is a template, (again))), to end the Problem, is a thought put into action as great as Ataturk's dream: a State where as Nations, Nations serve. and in Turkey, by emulation, for there to be a Turkish Constituency, in Cyprus so too a Greek Constituency; this is Modern thinking: no? 

(as a Greek, my guess is that you would be interested; with ideas, in changing the world.)

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