Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Re: Over 20 Million Cross Cease-fire Visits


"the UN, EU, USA, UK, Turkey, Greece - basically everyone", are for a solution. given the plan (i assume you to mean the Annan Plan) was unread at the time of the referendum, at least that version of it, i think that is reason enough to consider a "no" vote credible, coming from voters who have the rest of their lives to live with it. what is off the table, as Mr. Kofi put it, in my mind, is fifty years of failed Foreign Policy by Turkey to realise some satisfaction from the Lease to Britain gone bad. what is left, is a solution where Turkish Cypriots are recognised as such because the vast majority of the population is willing to surrender this power (somehow). a Constituency (rather than an entity demanding equality to the State) demanding Cypriot Constituencies i could support the existence of a Greek Constituency as well (Bizonally, no less), however Cyprus, the State should have no equal, and it should remain a superior to any other governance we may have within it, Sovereign having a Federal Government to represent the will of its Citizens as a body of people, United as Individuals, toward defending the Universal Principals they seek to better.

...again i ask, and why not a Greek Constituency?

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