Thursday, May 01, 2014

‘Significant distance between the two sides’


...i ask as well, why does this man have a "Greek" flag behind him? i would only think that this is appropriate, speaking in Greece. and if it is a Constituency the flag represents (even if Greeks represent the overwhelming majority of the population), the others, Maronite, Armenians, Latins, and Turks (even the British), represent Constituencies, too.
What started so well, with an Inaugural that placed Cypriot interests above the rest, to fly the Cypriot Flag higher, it has come to this (again). I suggest the bigger challenge remains, for Leaders to take, as Statesman, but, who has the courage to state what are facts, Bicommunal, like Bizonal, define us, not as "Greeks" and "Turks", we are Human Beings as well (Lest we Forget), but as Individuals, and as Persons.
...i am afraid that the way this debate is framed, Cypriots will remain impotent toward defending each other as Cypriots, having to defend "Greekness", and "Turkishness" instead. (our duty is to Mankind, for the gift of having self-determination, and neither "motherland" in their mythic proportions, has demonstrated better skill, it seems, at that.)
...i am hoping with all the "positive spin" from the "otherside" that they have ideas that will be described as, new thinking; they too, cannot continue to wait for others to change themselves. It is obvious that we are better together than apart. It would be nice to see Mr. Eroglu demand an equal to himself, not the Republic, to negotiate with, as a Constituency, standing in front of two flags, Cypriot and that of the Constituency he represents, insisting only Cypriot Flags should fly where the Federal Government is concerned. insisting, that as equals, the Constituencies would likely be able to solve the problems amongst themselves, if there was a Greek Constituency, as a Cypriot problem which is internal, since Sovereignty, and the Rights of Individuals are secured, by the Republic (even if it is in need of reform). "they", as Persons within a Republic exercise Liberty, and, as Citizens, Individuals, and as Human beings, not only as these electorates, as voters representing Universal Principals, equal, without distinction or discrimination, elect a Federal Government that defends this Freedom.
That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.
...count them, there are three (at least) governing bodies in this statement.
...why not, if there is a Turkish Constituency, and a Republic, a Greek Constituency, (and others)?

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