Monday, March 30, 2015

Gallipoli centenary marks another snub for Turkish minorities


Erdogan is a "Turk", he is no Turk.
...Istanbul is no longer the cosmopolitan city it was before his ilk. Let's remember what it is compared to what it was, and what it will become if this man has his way, becoming a Caliphate and him its "Protector"; even Turks will not be welcome if they are not "Turkish" enough.
The Flag of Turkey represents a People United toward defending the Universal Principals all Men hold in high esteem. Men like this one see it to their benefit to divide us. Ataturk would not be proud, the rest of us also struggle with this shame. Without the recognition that Turkey's strength is founded on its diversity, this movement toward "Turkishness" tarnishes the reputation of a great People who will still struggle for Freedom despite this Leadership.
If "Turks" want to celebrate their Heroes, perhaps in Turkey, like in Cyprus where they demand the existence of a Greek Constituency, a Turkic Constituency could exist. If in Turkey, a set of Turkish Constituencies existed, this need for People as Persons to express themselves can be secured. Turkey is not "Turkish", exactly in the same way Cyprus is not "Greek". Turkey in affect has the same Problem. Its "Turks" must recognise something bigger, as Turks.

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