Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gwynne Dyer: Cyprus is still divided—but maybe not for much longer


I would like to remind Mr. Dyer that Canada is also a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation, so is the USA for that matter. If Cypriots are refused "the right" to be recognised as Cypriots, without any further discrimination or distinction, any solution that is proposed which makes them "Greeks", and "Turks" will be rejected.

I would like to remind Mr. Dyer, that Cypriots exist.  Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin fought long and hard for this respect and recognition from the regime which claims to represent them, and who charged them, first with an act that was not illegal (flying the Flag of Cyprus), then for disturbing the peace, then for sedition. The Flag of Cyprus, like Cyprus exists, Cypriots exist, even in the north, now; thanks to them, they had to insist though.

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

...count them Mr. Dyer, (at least three governing bodies make up a BBF).  You are suggesting that what is illegal and against the Universal Principals all Humanity respects, is a good idea (by dividing "them" in two). Yes, let's ignore the fact that in Canada, Canadians can vote as Canadians, whether there are Constituencies in Canada or not. In your Cyprus, it is Cypriots, as Cypriots that are being marginalised, for the sake I might add, of the very same "Greeks", and "Turks", the other half as i like to call them, who are the cause of the impasse, as much as the infamy. They, the people of Cyprus, are not "Turks", and the rest of them called "Greeks", they are Cypriots, the victims in this tragedy; picking sides is pure hypocrisy, because it is the "This" which must stop.

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