Tuesday, July 28, 2015

United States of Cyprus?



...the good news is that both leaders agree. There will be a united Cyprus.

Let us hope that as Citizens, the people will be identified by merit, if there is to be distinctions and discrimination. Let us hope as Cypriots we will get to vote as Individuals, as Cypriots. And let us hope, being Bicommunal, that as Persons, at another level of Government, Cypriots may choose to identify with one of a set of Cypriot Constituencies, where they can live and sustain a life of happiness, as an elector an equal, whether perceived "a minority", or "a majority", there.

...Frankly, I like RoC, Republic of Cyprus.

It is not the name that is to be changed, but the intention. If anything, for the sake of those missing, murdered, and made to disappear, the name should stay the same. Whether Turkish, or Greek, (or Armenian, Latin, and Maronite for that matter), let us remember that they were robbed of their Cypriot identity, for their Cypriot identity, by "Greeks", and "Turks"; changing the name suits "them".

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