Sunday, October 18, 2015

Re: Water - The Propaganda Regime of "TRNC" ...???


Mustiejodu, it is Turkey that is in a squeeze, and it is Erdogan that is doing the squeezing, be realistic. How can you give this man so much confidence? Is there anything in Turkey at the moment that is in order? for Cyprus, and this water, it exemplifies what should be our worst fears, i say "our" as human beings, not just as Cypriots. Not a thought about water management, nothing about conservation, not even its distribution, nothing about it at all as a matter of fact, it just appears, as though it is free, as though nothing has to be learned from the past, as though "new" means new forever; if that is not propaganda, what is? 

Turkey is not a leader, or should i say Erdogan's Turkey only tarnishes that potential. The great achievement was only paid for, it is not Turkish, except that a "Turk" in affect had it made in Turkey. Pardon me, but after all this time, i'm still hoping that some good can come from all this effort. I don't see the political reward for one man and a Party as progress, just being happy to see water where there was none should not be enough for the rest of us, Turkish, Greek, "Greek", or the world at large (read: anything not "Turkish").

Water as a weapon, for Peace; sounds to me like a two edge sword. I just don't want to see more cucumbers grown by "Turks", for "Turkey", in Cyprus., Mustiejodu, i can imagine, can see as a Cypriot, the logic in this.

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