Monday, October 26, 2015

Re: The United Segragated States of Cyprus


Cyprus, with the expense of having Constituencies, may provide an important link to the needs that as Persons, Individuals need, toward defining their own distinct identity within the context of a State that is broader.

What is at issue is the intention of the parties as they are framed today. What are they looking for? One can not expect an "Enosis" to Greece any longer, and a "Greek" state in Cyprus is no longer a possibility either, only unless there exists a willingness to sacrifice the island and its Heritance, for a society/two societies which chooses to promote an enmity for "others", it seems will the "Turks" (and the "Greeks") that represent about a half of the island's population be satisfied; but it is not the only choice.

...indeed, Koray Basogrultmac─▒ and Cinel Senem Husseyin, have demonstrated that the Flag of Cyprus does not represent a "Greekness", or a "Turkishness", and that in belonging it is Cypriot; it is neither "Greek", or "Turkish". They bent what seems an impossibly intransigent regime with one truth, that Cyprus exists. All of us can demonstrate the same courage, for Cyprus, and the possibility that Cyprus can take control of the Agenda for what is essentially an internal problem Cypriot in nature. This simple gesture, flying this Flag, my lead to someone being shot quite frankly, but more of it is necessary to build the trust that Turcophones need, and, the respect that the overwhelming Grecophone population needs as well, to be willing to defend each other. 

...if there is a loud enough voice from the population, the politicians as an elite will have to rethink what is established, and what is the status quo.

It is our choice, the Citizens by voting, but more importantly it is by action that the choices available will change.

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