Sunday, May 22, 2016

The moral case for a federal solution is compelling


...indeed, Cyprus will return to being an ethnos, when, among Cypriots there is Freedom.
(whatever Liberties they have)

We can prepare to be the cross-road for three continents, or we can deny, the "osmosis'', this world, at the advent of such notions, as the EU, and the Information Age, never mind what Climate Change, has in store for us. (we speak English mostly; Greek, Turkish, Arabic, are official languages). As it is there is no "Greek Constituency", although there is the Republic, and the desire for the self-representation as Persons, of one, of a set of Cypriot Constituencies.

A Turkish Constituency may find its equals within a community of Constituencies, but it is no equal to the community which makes up the Cypriot People; there is a big difference. And while Turkish Cypriots may see the benefits in sustaining their distinct identity through self-representation as Persons, Cypriots as Individuals, also need, their self-representation to be based on Universal Principals without distinction and discrimination, where they can express this conviction in defending each other, as Cypriots, as well. apology was given by Christofias, when President, for the Greek Cypriot people; it was not reciprocated. And while Mr. Akinci defeated the camp "for Turkey", being elected, "for Cyprus", I do not believe that there is one instance where he stands, in one photograph, with the Flag of Cyprus beside him; this is telling. (Is it still an issue of, what is "Turkish" and what is not "Turkish"?)

It is Turkey that needs this solution, it is Turkey (read: Erdogan) who feels s/he has the most to lose (read: win). The Cyprus Problem, in my mind is, the Turkey Problem, defining the difference between Persons and Individuals, Liberty and Freedom, State and Nation, what is wise Constitutional Reform
(; what is a BBF)?

...while Turkey's intention is to divide Cyprus, she risks having herself divided, as well;
something to think about.

cheers, Mr. Alper, enjoyed reading your piece.

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