Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anastasiades says he will not accept any downgrading of the RoC


...and where is the Flag of Cyprus with Mr. Akinci shaking hands with Mr. Ki Moon, beside them? Oh i forgot, the "President" that's not good enough to be present at his daughter's wedding, gets special treatment to be, not a Cypriot, but the "President" of somewhere else (no flags at least). more than ever, Akinci needs a nerve.
Fly the Flag of Cyprus, now is a good time Mr. Akinci, hold it lovingly in your hands; that is what you were elected to do, do you remember your election day? Have courage, the other half, those of us who are, not "Greek", or, not "Turkish", we, are behind you, we are still here.
President Anastasiades said it quite correctly, and if i may remind the readers, this is not the first time that a leader of a Cypriot constituency was humiliated in the same fashion, by Mr. Erdogan; maybe not live on TV with the whole world watching like at the Grand Prix, worse this time i think, but it is still the same humiliation at a world event.

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