Saturday, July 09, 2016

Our View: Too much noise about the National Council


...indeed, as things develop, one would imagine that ethnicity will matter far less than intention, should the opposition continue to make their "Greekness" an issue.

Sober second thinking, it would seem to me a National Council's purpose; a place where new thinking is welcome and discussed as well.

One thing is for sure, Cyprus does not need the betrayal of those who will put the "Greek" flag, or the "Turkish" flag higher, or who think the Flag of Cyprus is a rag of only temporary significance. And if the opposition cannot abide with such conditions, then they themselves should excuse themselves from this table, no doubt the President will find others, in the Academia, and in Private and Public life who can provide for more insight, for Cyprus, who as Patriots see themselves as Cypriots above all else.

...if there is a National Council, one hopes that it is Cypriots sitting there: not "Greeks", not "Turks".

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