Wednesday, July 06, 2016

How religious holidays are uniting Iraqi Muslims and Christians


...i remember, in Cyprus, before these people, Cypriots, were divided as "Turks", and not "Turks" (read: "Greeks).

My village, "they" called "mixed"; we were self sustaining as a village, and as people, respectfully, great Cooperators no less, united, close to the land we served the only way we knew how, lovingly, for God, with Grace.

Despite the influence of more than half a century, from being torn apart, we continue to share in our common practices, where we gather to demonstrate our solidarity for each other's Love.

It must annoy the "Turks" (and the "Greeks"), that on certain days the village empties for these gatherings, as they are on the other "side" now; that Cypriots existed and they still remain.

...happy to hear that in Iraq, the people, those who live "there", act accordingly.

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