Friday, October 21, 2016

When will Hellenism see its own blunders?

. is interesting that all this debate is written in English, a language which does more to threaten "Greekness" or "Turkishness", than each other; such is the bigger world. Somehow, now for decades, the interests of Cypriots have been dismissed for the benefit of those among us who have taken the time to keep the rest of us isolated from each other. But, Cyprus, and Cypriots exist. Despite "it", Cypriots, and Cyprus, still exist.

"This" must stop, as Reverend Tutu said, when he was visiting here only a few years ago. my Cyprus, there would exist many Constituencies, where Individuals, as Cypriots choose by residing in one of these Cypriot Constituencies, as Persons, to sustain its distinct identity. In my Cyprus, this I can define as Liberty, because such a National Assembly, and such a territorial jurisdiction, is secured by a Federal Government, where as Cypriots we defend each other and our Freedom, as Cypriots, without any further distinction or discrimination, (being Individuals,) as equals.

Cyprus is an ethnos. It is not "Greek" and not "Greek", or "Turkish" and not "Turkish".

...Bicommunal and Bizonal are not dirty words, neither is the word Federation. It is a matter of intentions; Canada, and the USA, both come to mind as successful BBFs. Enclaves are not a dirty word either, and for the same reason. Justice must be seen. Our displaced, those missing, even the dead, need from us, the living, recognition and respect; that while they are and were the victims of the "Greeks" and "Turks" around them, they were victimised for being Cypriots, not "Greek", or not "Turkish". I suggest that if the "Green Line" must exist, so too enclaves on both sides of it, obliging the Greek and Turkish Constituencies to provide services island-wide, securing a Cypriot's Freedom of Movement, Association, and Expression, and to secure and end to it being a "border". In any case, Communities were displaced; some, as communities not just as Individuals, should return.

For those of us that consider the Flag of Cyprus as a temporary rag, I say, you are mistaken. For the rest of us, I say, enjoy it, fly it high every chance you get. I remember, Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin, modern day heroes, who, it can be said, won us that Right. Fly it proudly, that it may represent a Cypriot way, as wanted; a loving nature, a closeness to the land, a sense called Human.

...thank-you Mr. Rolandis; cheers, enjoyed your read.

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