Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Turkish foreign minister: last chance for a solution


...fluff for the masses. Turkey, more correctly, Erdogan's Turkey, needs a success in their foreign affairs more than ever; a Cyprus divided is their worst possible outcome. Cyprus being a National issue, represents a template for what "Turkishness" is supposed to mean. For over fifty years, in Cyprus, the "Turks" have isolated themselves, and their exchange with "others" (read: "Greek"). This much is clear, such a policy has not resulted in an independent and self-sustaining community of "Cypriot Turks", it has failed, what is "Turkish" remains a costly barrack with services for the elite, and the Turkish Army.

...when it comes to it, if there is only flag waving left, someone will die for the Flag in the occupied parts, the Flag of Cyprus. I ask, who will join in that fight against "this", for a Cypriot way? Cypriots, Greek and Turkish, i suppose, (the other half,) maybe even the "Greeks", all of them, against a foreign occupation.

...indeed, he (Erdogan) managed to get people out in the streets under their Flag, and for Democracy, in Turkey. It is a sword that cuts both ways, mind you, with the way Turkey has been divided, (and in Cyprus in seeking to divide,) the Cyprus Problem is their problem, Cyprus needs to exist for Cypriots accordingly.

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