Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyprus- what does it take to make real peace?


…interesting article, thank-you.

Erdogan cannot afford to see Cyprus divided, I think. A divided Cyprus, means a divided Turkey, if you think about it; because it is a National cause. Peace in Cyprus, as a BBF, where there are choices for Citizens, both as Persons, and as Individuals, is a template for the Constitutional reform, I suggest, Turkey needs. If there is one Flag in Turkey, the Flag of Turkey, then it is the same in Cyprus.

The Problem, is not one of “Greeks” and “Turks” divided, because they are not “Greeks”, and not “Turks”. A Bicommunal way of life is not represented by this debate. Nor are the words, Nation and State, or Freedom and Liberty, or Individual and Person, more clearly identified. Neither does Bizonal mean tearing Countries in two. The USA comes to mind, and Canada, as two successful BBFs (Bizonal Bicommunal Federations) with one Flag under which there is no distinction or discrimination by its Citizenship, of its Citizenship, (except on merit), while diverse as Citizens, one in defending each other as Citizens.

Erdogan in an instant can solve the Cyprus Problem. The same Problem in a “new Turkey” can be solved, with Cyprus, an agreeable solution in Cyprus, as its template.

It is not hard to imagine in Turkey a reciprocal regard for the minorities among the Turkish Constituencies that there are today. It is not hard to expect the Kurds to find in their self-representation as one of many Constituencies, a success, the impetus the other Constituencies may emulate. It is not hard to imagine, at some point in the future, in Turkey, a Turkic Constituency, as well as the Turkish State, therefore; where this, by its electorate, distinct identity, is nurtured. Like in Cyprus, a Cypriot identity, within, identities as Cypriot Constituencies.

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