Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Praise and outrage after talks resumption decision



...they are "servant-slaves", "parasites", just like Erdogan says. I pity the Cypriots of Turkish origin in Cyprus, unheard and living under the threat of those who may deem them not "Turkish" enough. The rest are satisfied it seems to be the subject of occupation, having sacrificed their Freedom for the Security their "Turkishness" offers; now not even the water, nor the electrical power, are their own.

...what is Akinci to do, it seems; a brown envelope is better than nothing.
(I have not seen one photo where Mr. Akinci stands beside the Flag of Cyprus)
(I remember the angry phone call on his election night)
(Not invited to the wedding yet, as "President", he went, where/when Erdogan called)

Will he show backbone and represent the electorate who voted for him?

...I have no doubt that the men sitting at this negotiation table can strike the deal called "perfect", the Cyprus Problem needs. I suggest as Nation builders they turn their eyes to Turkey, who needs just such a template for themselves. I suggest that what is good for Turkey, in effect is good for Cyprus.

Cyprus needs Statesman, not "Greeks", not "Turks". Cypriots need Leadership committed to Universal Principals, above all committed to Humanity, as Cypriots; not "Turks", not "Greeks". Cypriots voted for these men, Mr. Anastasiades, and Mr. Akinci, not as a "Greek", not as a "Turk".

...a Cyprus, like, a Turkey, is not hard to imagine. Cyprus is not "Greek", Turkey is not "Turkish".

Where there may be Cypriot Constituencies, one may find among them extremes. Such diversity may express a vital, and democratic, environment that Cypriots nurture. A "Greek" place, or a "Turkish" place, a "Maronite", "Latin", or "Armenian" place, may exist as Cypriot Constituencies, but, if they do exist it is because as Cypriots, as Individuals, Cypriots choose to find within these distinct identities, an identity for themselves, as Persons, as well. (this is, Bicommunal, if geographic, territorially Bizonal)

...it is not hard to understand the benefits of a BBF. Just look at Canada, or the USA, to consider two that are successful. Intentions count.

One Flag in Cyprus, One Flag in Turkey; is that hard to understand?

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