Sunday, March 12, 2017



…strong “motherland”, what does that mean? And strong for who?

There is one Turkey, who can imagine differently? But Turkey is not “Turkish”, it too is more than some mono-clonal structure of Turks”, easily defined as “Turks”. Indeed, despite great efforts, Kurds fill seats in Turkey’s Legislature, like the Alevi, they are not “Turks”.

What is a united Cyprus? It is a template for Turkey, in its own reform. In finding a solution to end the Problem, in Cyprus, it may share this benefit in its own National issues.

Recognising the Republic of Cyprus, is not anathema to Mr. Erdogan’s goals if you think about it. Certainly if Turkish Cypriots united as Cypriots, it would send a great signal of hope to Turkey’s anxious population, and to the region in general.

…as for the “water of peace”, it is a step forward if it is “gifted” to Cypriots, as a People; it will pay a good deal of reparations, it may help in making for Turkey an ally of Cyprus. It is a first step to regional capacities, and security, to further Ecevit’s dream, (improved with modern circumstance) pipelines going both ways, to Israel and/or beyond, and to a greater benefit.

While in Cyprus, Cypriots struggle for unity and peace, let us remember that the world is not divided between “Turks”, and that which is not “Turkish”. We are Individuals, and as Individuals we may choose among a wide array of identities, our “being”, as Persons; “Turkish” and “Greek” (read: not Turkish), can hardly define the scope of these choices. It is a fiction to insist that Cypriots cannot be defined as Cypriots, just as it would be in Turkey.

…Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided.

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