Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Open letter to the two leaders: re-start the talks for all our sakes



There is a Flag of Cyprus. There is a Flag of Turkey. There is a Flag of Greece. I suggest that they are all equals. While Mr. Anastasiades is ridiculed at times for wearing two hats, I wish Mr. Akinci would show more heart; I have never seen a photo of him standing beside in effect his Flag as a Cypriot, the Flag of Cyprus. Indeed, if he made this challenge, to fly this Flag, because Cyprus is important to him, about half of his voting public would be prepared to support the effort if they dared to do the same; what would the Grey Wolves do? What is the challenge to ELAM, how many across the island would choose to join with him, in flying this Flag, if, he showed this courage?
One thing would become clearer though: Cypriots are the other half in what is the real debate, and it would appear that "Greeks" and "Turks" are their opposition.
More importantly, i suggest that when it comes to Constitutional Reform, what is the Problem, can be solved in Cyprus, and it may serve Turkey's needs in Turkey (emulated with that in mind,) as it serves Turkish needs in Cyprus. That is to say, that with good sense in uniting here, in Cyprus as Cypriots, it provides the impetus, in Turkey, but not just Turkey, for Peoples similarly at odds, to see despite their diversity and distinctions as identities, in a BBF (like Canada or the United States), that there exist a set of Principals, where based on them they have a reason to defend each other as Citizens. That beyond their identity as a Person, as Individuals, and as a State, they express this willingness to unite.
...it is heartening to see so many who will take the time and effort to write clearly their thoughts, for Cyprus, and for Cypriots. I too, agree, that by this time, both Leaders must now recognise, and respect the fact that Cypriots want Freedom, and that they were elected, not as "Greeks" or as "Turks", winning against this choice as a matter of fact in their respective elections.

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