Saturday, April 08, 2017

Cyprus: Lawmakers amend law ensuring peace talks restart


...a small minority had their day in the Legislature, and Mr Akinci was appalled.

...i remind the readership who elected these men, Mr. Anastasiades, and Mr. Akinci; certainly not the "Greeks" or the "Turks", they have their own Candidates, but, the other half, who do not have this compulsive need to deny as Cypriots, they are Cypriots.

 It is clear who Mr. Anastasiades represents with his words and deeds, witness these efforts, something more than "Greekness". Will Mr. Akinci demonstrate the same courage against an opposition just as "Turkish", the same but not "Greek"; will he demonstrate to Cypriots something beyond "Turkishness", now?

I suggest from the day he was elected, with that angry phone call he got, that he has a lot to prove to have a lasting Legacy as a Cypriot. I dare him to stand beside the Flag of Cyprus for one thing (the "Greeks" have a Flag, the "Turks" have a Flag, and most certainly "they" both have an aversion to the Cypriot Flag), i dare him to go against that "Turkish" thinking, to state quite clearly, that such a Person exists, a Cypriot, Greek or Turkish perhaps (there are several Cypriot Constituencies), that such a State exists, in need of reform for many reasons, but where as Individuals, Citizens are willing to defend each other without any further distinction or discrimination.

...i remind the readership that the USA is a BBF, so is Canada, something the "Turks" should consider for their own reform, in Turkey.

Indeed, there are Cypriots they exist, let's not forget, them. It is up to Mr. Akinci, now, to demonstrate that he is a Cypriot.

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