Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our View: Trilateral meetings produce little of substance



..what is the importance of these Tripartite meetings?

...the tables themselves can be joined to make for larger meetings. It is the recognition that no country can do it alone, stabilise the region, exploit safely what is under the sea, and as a first step, small as it has been, it is a big first step.

Turkey does not dare join any one of these tables. The meddling failed, that while Egypt, (Lebanon,) and Israel may have their own agendas, it does not include the exclusion of Cyprus, as was the possibility before these Agreements, and is as it remains, Turkey's intention today.

It is "her" Continental shelf, according to Turkey, her's to share; a hard sell if no one is listening, it is harder still if she must go it alone. News that Turkey will start drilling is old news to me; no one can stop Turkey from building her own drill ships and rigs. But, like the rest of the world i am waiting because they do not exist (as far as i know) in Turkey, and no oil major will contract for this work.

No one excludes Turkey, her chair, like Syria's and Palestine, are yet to be filled. One hopes that there is no disaster from such work in any case, and she may with a small change in intention, by recognising Cyprus, join at these tables, a partner, instead of the "but one". It is a hard choice for Turkey embracing such a change; in my mind it is a good one.

Cyprus continues to demonstrate itself to be a formidable adversary for decades, against Turkey.

Cyprus may make as good an ally, with the capacity she demonstrates as a facilitator of exchange.

Dialog is all we have to make clear what is reasoned; there is a great potential here.

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