Thursday, June 08, 2017

Talks likely to intensify in July-Turkish official


...let's remember that it was Cyprus that endorsed Turkey's bid for membership into the EU.

Turkey may have much more prosperity with a small change in intention. Cyprus exists, except for this "but one".

You are very confused about your History it seems. Since then, Turkey is even more divided by its "Turks", Cyprus has recovered despite "them" (read: "Turks" (and "Greeks")).

...Turkey may betray its "Turks" in Cyprus. It is clear they don't have the capacity to support themselves', as Erdogan has said: no more than servant-slaves, parasites.

Turkey my take "Turkishness" in Turkey somewhere different because it is clear that there is more to Turks, and Turkey, than that. He has a Legacy to build.

...and in an instant everything can change, for him; recognising the Republic because, in its reform, one Cyprus, like one Turkey, is easy to imagine.

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