Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sour grapes and stalemate in Cyprus


...i remember Akinci's night of victory, and the angry phone call he got with his election. Wasn't his victory a sort of referendum given his position and Eroglu's? Where is this Akinci, who is Akinci, because he does not appear to concern himself with his electorates' desires, only with what (Erdogan's) Turkey says. I am hoping for our sake (those of us not "Greek", or "Turkish") that he at some point stands beside the Flag of Cyprus because a "new" Cyprus (or a "new" Turkey) for "Turks" and not "Turkish", is neither a Turkish or Cypriot way.

...Cyprus and Cypriots exist, divided as they are, as "Greeks" (read: those not "Turkish"), and "Turks", it only serves these intentions. Such a divided Cyprus will only lead to Turkey even more divided, between its "Turks", and those they deem not "Turkish". Indeed what is a reform Constitutionally, that Turkey would accept in Cyprus, is certainly worth considering for Turkey herself. The Problem, may be identified as the Cyprus Problem, but it is not limited to Cyprus alone.

...i am hopeful, because great steps were taken at Crans-Montana.

No "deal" on Freedom and the Universal Principals on which it is based, Liberty is a matter of respect, and trust. I am grateful to Mr. Anastasiades, who at least as President of the Republic has served them, the Citizens, well in this regard. While this man is Greek, he is no "Greek".

One Cyprus, One Turkey is a matter of intentions.

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