Thursday, August 03, 2017

The dock ships came with troops and went back with refrigerators Πηγή:

. is not Akinci who speaks this truth, more is the pity this man is the leader of Cypriots whether Greek or Turkish. More depends on him than any other as a Cypriot to act; it takes a change of his intentions.

His silence is deafening since the very day he won his election, and as the President of something he was not good enough to get his invitation to the wedding; i remember does he?

A parasite, a servant-slave, is he such a man? I ask, as such a man, a traitor, a coward, a fool, to who if not the us he should be defending?

...he, that man can save us, those of us, not "Greek" or "Turk", the other half who remain despite the odds against us, as Cypriots close to the land.

Let him remember what that Flag stands for, that it is his electors who wish him to express that it is not a rag, the Flag of Cyprus; let him challenge the rest of us to stand likewise beside it, like him willing to defend each other and the Universal Principals as Human beings, we as Cypriots represent. Let the Elams and the Grey Wolves stand alone, then. If he took that challenge for those not "them", for the rest of us, wouldn't Anastasiades follow? Only a year ago, didn't he? is not the roots of a very old tree that stood in the middle of my Great Aunt's garden, because it too in the end was taken, that I despair, but that there is a shoebox somewhere.

thank-you Mr. Sener.

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