Sunday, August 27, 2017

Time for a referendum regarding the Cyprus talks


...i suggest that dividing Cyprus for "Turkishness" will only lead to a Turkey divided for the same reason.
Cypriots are Cypriots. Turks are Turks. As Individuals they all have this interest: to defend their Freedom and the Universal Principals on which it is based. As Persons, and as Constituencies, their Liberty is secured from the trust and the respect they share for each other, as Persons, and as Individuals. A BBF for Cyprus is a matter of intentions. Let's not forget that the USA, for example is a BBF. A BBF for Turkey may not be so bad an idea given its own need for Constitutional reform. Cypriots are not so easily defined as "Turks" and "Greeks". Turks are not so easily defined as "Turks" and "Mountain Turks" (Kurds), or foreign (Alevi).
What is Cyprus but a template for the designs of its interlocutors; Turkey having taken its political fate to be an issue of National interest: what is Turkey is Cyprus. But what is Cyprus could be Turkey. As Turkey is being divided today, for "Turkishness", "Turkishness" has done to Cyprus in affect for the same reason. If it is that Cyprus is divided, it will be a Caliphate in Istanbul where "being" Turkish will not be enough. If it is that Cyprus is united, there is hope for Turks, in Turkey who are not "Turks".
Those who see a Cyprus divided should reconsider what it means to those not "Turkish". One Flag of Cyprus, one Flag of Turkey, should not be hard to understand. A Cypriot like a Turk are not necessarily "Greek" or "Turkish". Turks exist, Cypriots exist, despite the fact that "Greeks" and "Turks" deny this.

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