Friday, August 18, 2006

the "price" of the future

Two points I would like to add:

1) using current events as an example, the few who are hezbollah, are they the representative Lebanese citizen? We have disscussed EOKA. EOKA A, and B, Grey Wolves etc. and it is clear that the State is not in their support, although the Government at that time acted adversarialy toward their citizens by dividing their identity, into a majority and a minority.

This I believe will be corrected when negociations reach a conclusion, which is simple to understand, and clear, allowing for each citizen to be a founder, with their vote, as equals. The Republic of Cyprus, to exist must accept that their are two (or three, if Maronites are included), founding peoples.

Each has a right to their self determination as peoples, and each has a right to their individuality, when these communities look at themselves as a whole.

A bicameral parliament allows for this representation, and as a people, there is the precedent: the unused communal assembly; allowing two seperate governing bodies for the internal affairs as citizens.

Greek Cypriots must create this body of government for themselves, just as the Turkish Cypriots have done. Turkophone citizens will hav to renounce their fielty to the Turkish State. We must choose, to free ourselves from subjugation, with Goodwill, believing that, for this comparitively short period of time in our history, we were divided.

2) As for compensation, I suggest that "enclaves" is not a dirty word, and with their existence, Turkish Cypriots will become even more vital, and diversified, in their distinctions, with their introduction in "the south", as communities. "Greek" enclaves reciprocally, will help to resolve the important issue for hundreds of thousands, who remain with hope for justice, and of them, many who wish to feel free, and return to their homes.


Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free.

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