Friday, July 06, 2007

Very Interesting Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Draft law? Read this article! it opportunism or realism?

1.) In the Courts of England it is said that the Republic of Cyprus is sovereign over the whole island.

2.) Their identity with their possessions would not be any different to anyone else on this planet, therefore why not sell your land.

3.)After over thirty years, as a State, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has very little, as much credibility as it started with. Turkish Cypriots, may have a form of self-representation, yet they still remain subject to Turkey. In this state, they remain unfree, worse, they are demeaned by a demographic where they are marginalised, and a toponomy which assimilates them, dependant on the subsidy of this one State whose occupation of their land seems without end. Why not sell the land which remains yours? There is little chance that a "clear title" to the land given to you will be recognised by anyone else but the entity, and its Army, underwhich you must live.

Certainly, this reaction by the legislating body, is an admission that the land overwhich they have made a claim, founded on an illegal act, remains an occupation, that there is a compensation to be paid, and that a reciprocal act could occur, Greek Cypriots may choose to sell their land to Turkish Cypriots, if unoccupied, ignoring this Assembly's authority over its Titleship.


Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free.

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