Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What Cyprus Needs is a Treaty between Greece and Turkey

Truly the question should be is Greece a threat to Turkey. They are adversaries because they are neighbours with borders without clear divides. They are adversaries because of the bloody past between them. And they are adversaries because at present each acts in a manner that excludes the other.

Remember the earthquakes?

In that grain of an event nothing more fundamental than the Human element was exposed. How different are they? And in dollars and cents their social-exchange would be most profitable. Think what prosperity can be promoted if these two counterparts allied. Toward the lesser States, a Free Trade Treaty like this commands their attention because of the margin of scale it can establish.

What about a Free Trade Agreement?

As a confidence building measure it has implications which would resound internationally, with Greece as a bulwark for democracy with its continued support for Turkey's membership into the EU, and for Turkey, greater credibility as a leader, able in world affairs.

Both Greece and Turkey need to change themselves to prepare for this new Age, which demands inclusivity. Their example will leave them as the dominant regional players with the ability to be it's representative. As an example further abroad, to their allies in France for example, much debate will be considered, even in their own internal affairs. As an atmosphere, negociations about the Cyprus Problem can focus on the needs of its island dwellers, rather than the issues that cloud the relations among Greeks and Turks.

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Cyprus: three goverments, one Capital and Free.

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